This website is part of a project aimed at promoting the development of competitive destinations and products through private investment in order to foster tourism as a strategic activity for the creation of quality jobs and the economic, social, environmental and inclusive development of the Argentine Republic.

It falls within the Tourism Development Strategy of the Argentine Ministry of Tourism and Sports, that promotes sustainable tourism, ensuring the protection of environmental resources and cultural assets, and the respect for the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities.

Its target is to function as a platform where strategically organized sectoral information is presented for decision-making, thus extending and equaling operator and local Government opportunities within the tourism sector in terms of investment.

Simultaneously, it is proposed as a dynamic and interactive working platform for those action lines carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports with operators and local Governments so as to foster investments: 

Strategic set out for public and private investment promotion (opportunity territories; investment vectors; opportunities and investment projects definition; and binational corridor outlining).

Investment projects and opportunities development (training, advice and financing for the identification, lay out and submission of projects and opportunities).

Local and external financing for investment development (tools layout and identifying of devices and strategic partners).

Investment projects and opportunities promotion and detection of counterparts. 

Regional promotion of investments (binational corridors outlining, Latin-American investment network, submission and broadcasting within the WTO and the  WTCC).

The content of this website is the result of research conducted by the team of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in coordination with the development teams of the provinces and the financial support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

Also, it was made with the cooperation of several internal areas and even other organizations such as the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, and the Juan Manuel de Rosas National Institute of Historical Research.

The promotion of private investment is one of the main purposes of the strategic project for the development and promotion of tourism in Argentina. Learn more about the offering of destinations, routes, tours, must-see attractions and experiences to live on The Natural Route.

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