Santa Cruz

With stunning landscapes, it is renowned for the Perito Moreno
Glacier and for having a gastronomy specialized in
creating unforgettable experiences.

Santa Cruz offers forests, lakes, volcanoes, mountains and glaciers that are perfect for adventure, nature and snow tourism and sport fishing.

El Calafate, which gives access to Perito Moreno and El Chaltén, the national capital of trekking, are the most outstanding tourist destinations of the province.

The tourist diversity of the province includes large estancias that allow experiencing the Patagonian rural life and also sites that show the remains of pre-historical civilizations such as Cuevas de las Manos (Cave of the Hands), the Río Pinturas Valley and the Petrified Forests.



Patagonian Region


Río Gallegos

Average annual temperature

Between 5°C and 10°C


273,964 inhabitants

Administrative division

15 municipalities. The main cities area Río Gallegos, Caleta Olivia, El Calafate, Puerto Deseado, Pico Truncado, Puerto San Julián, and Las Heras

River Regime

In the plateau 200 mm per year, in the Andes region 2,000 mm per year

Surface area

243,943 Km²


Patagonian arid and humid cold


Central plain, Atlantic coast, Fuegian Andes

Why invest in Santa Cruz?


We show you tourist attractions, strategic connectivity, opportunity territories and associated destinations with potential to invest.


Learn about the reasons to invest in Santa Cruz, its potential for tourism and main opportunity territories and activities.

Legal framework
and incentives

Learn about current legislation and the incentives offered by Santa Cruz.


Analyze the opportunities in each territory with information on tourist attractions, connectivity, tourist activity and infrastructure.


Province Santa Cruz

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